Hey there! I'm an entrepreneur, runner and contributor for Entrepreneur. I'm a leader at heart, a developer by degree and a web startup guy by trade.

I'm proud to be the CEO over at Coplex, an interactive agency that focuses on truly collaborative design and development. I’ve been in the online marketing world for over 9 years and am heavily involved in building startup communities. I’m also a co-founder of Huddlewoo, a video chat platform.

My break into the entrepreneurial world began at 15, before I even knew how to spell entrepreneur. I started a car stereo business called Concept Customz. Apparently, I didn’t know how to spell that, either. Shortly thereafter, I started BounceHost, a web hosting and computer repair company in my hometown of Bellevue, Ohio.

After realizing that I could design and build websites from the comfort of my own dorm room I decided to pivot BounceHost to a web design company. This was the start of BounceFire, which, by college graduation, would grow to be a quarter-million dollar business.

In 2010, I had the honor of representing BounceFire at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards as one of the top 33 student entrepreneurs in the world. While we didn’t win, I connected with a final round judge who later acquired BounceFire in May of 2011.

After the acquisition, I had to opportunity to come on as a partner to Coplex with Ilya Pozin. Since starting at Coplex three years ago, we've reinvented the business as one of the top boutique interactive agencies in the country.


Latest Articles


  • 1987
March, 1987
Arrived in the world

Yeap, this is really me! No idea who let me wear an Indians shirt because I've always been a Tigers fan.

  • 1997
April, 1997
Little League Baseball

Flash forward to 10 years old. Passed the cut and made the Little League baseball team in good ole Bellevue, Ohio!

  • 2005
September, 2005
Started at Ohio Northern University

Got started with the Computer Engineering degree at Ohio Northern University. Eventually, ended up making them my largest client by rebuilding their site on Drupal.

  • 2008
September, 2008
ONU Cross Country

For some reason thought it was a good idea to rock puka shells during the 2008 ONU Cross Country season.

  • 2009
October, 2009
Dressed like the Easter Bunny

Decided it was a good idea to dress up like the Easter Bunny on Halloween. Fortunately or unfortunately, this costume has made numerous reappearances.

  • 2010
November, 2010
Global Student Entrepreneurs Award (GSEA)

Had an opportunity to present BounceFire at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City as one of the top 33 student entrepreneurs in the world.

  • 2011
May, 2011
BounceFire Acquisition

Exited my first business BounceFire and moved the crew out to Arizona for the next big adventure.

  • 2015
January, 2015
Received Empact100 Award

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